GLAMORA, new technologies to optimise acoustic comfort and purify the air

Founded in 2010, Glamora creates wallcovering collections inspired by art, design and nature, made from natural or sustainable materials of the highest quality, for residential and contract projects, including large-scale projects.


Always in search of innovations that combine aesthetics, functionality and environmental responsibility, Glamora introduces in 2024 two technical innovations designed specifically for large-scale projects that require high aesthetic and functional standards: these are AcousticShield and Ecopur® by Oltremateria®, which are applied to all the wallcoverings in the Creative Collection, Glamora’s ongoing collection.


Ecopur® by Oltremateria® is an eco-resin technology that brings comfort and sustainable innovation to areas with high traffic or hygiene requirements, such as offices, hotels, healthcare facilities, gyms, educational institutions.


It transforms wallcoverings into an air purification system and does so with a completely sustainable approach. Without the use of energy, it utilises water-based polymers, natural salts and minerals that can be activated in both light and dark to neutralise pollutants, improve air quality and create healthier environments.


Below is an example of how the new technology was used in the extension and redesign of Transfer Oil’s headquarters. Favouring a modern concept of dynamic open space, with no rooms strictly designated for a specific function, Glamora’s Ego and Equatorial Jungle wallcoverings created visual continuity and transitional fluidity in the space.


Transfer Oil headquarters, designed by studioiDo, features Ego, Equatorial Jungle and Desire wallcoverings by Glamora with the latest cutting-edge technologies Ecopur® by Oltremateria® and AcousticShield.


Designed to optimise the acoustic comfort of environments, AcousticShield combines a sound-absorbing substrate with a decorative wallcovering, creating an acoustic barrier that reduces sound reverberation while providing both noise comfort and aesthetics. The insulating performance of AcousticShield increases depending on the surface area covered in the same room.


The image below shows the Hotel De Schelde redesign project, where AcousticShield, Glamora’s sound absorbing two-layer system, was used to reduce sound reverberation and improve the acoustic well-being of the environment.


In the Hotel De Schelde in Zeeland, the Quiet Place wallcovering by Glamora is located behind the reception desk: not only does it expand the space, but it is also framed like a work of art on display.