A journey into the world of B/Style by Bonaldo: Living in Black and White

In the B/Style catalogue, Bonaldo proposes a number of settings, each capable of fully expressing the overall vision constituting the very essence of B/Style: products by different designers but united by the brand’s signature style, all expertly matched to form a strong identity thread between the spaces.



Living in Black and White is the name Bonaldo has chosen for one of these settings. It is a villa characterised by large windows that create a strong link between inside and outside, a landscape of great beauty and serenity, with the lake surrounded by lush hills.



Living in Black and White is an elegant and timeless ambience. Black and white emerge in a contrast that finds its meeting point in the neutral tones of grey. These colours differ profoundly from the colours of the outside, on which the windows open with an unobstructed view: thanks to this contrast, the beauty of both environments, that of the interior and that of the surrounding nature, is fully enhanced.