Bonaldo dining area

Bonaldo, the Made in Italy furniture brand, presents a system of integrated furnishings that effortlessly combine to create coordinated and functional spaces where the individuality of the elements, each inspired by different designers, are mutually enriched to create a unique and recognisable style.



B/Style is precisely this, personified in the Bonaldo collection of tables and chairs, enriched once again this year with new elements featuring a variety of shapes, materials and styles.
From the original Padiglioni table with its eye-catching asymmetric base to the elegant Botón table, made entirely of tempered glass, not to mention the curious ST (Swivel Top) versions of existing tables with new rotating tops, such as the Torii and Mellow. Rounding out the Bonaldo offering for the dining area is the Youpi chair, distinguished by its unique shape, and the Remo chair with its maritime allusions.



The variety of available models, each coming from different inspirations, and the wide range of standard finishes, allows Bonaldo to cater to all design needs for any dining area, offering the perfect solution and becoming a frame of reference for designers and consumers alike.