Bonaldo: new 2024 B/Style advertising campaign

Creating interior environments that meet the needs of modern living has been, for nearly 90 years, the mission of Bonaldo, a 100% made-in-Italy design company that returns to the spotlight with its new 2024 B/Style advertising campaign.


Reflecting Bonaldo’s distinctive stylistic code, the campaign reaffirms its cosmopolitan, contemporary taste, its aesthetic vision, and its unique ability to connect with the needs and styles of people worldwide. These qualities have established Bonaldo as a globally recognized brand and have contributed to a significant international growth plan.


The pictures were taken by fashion and design photographer Piero Gemelli in an evocative, exceptional location: a modern villa in harmony with the surrounding nature, in a forest near Hamburg. The timeless class of the brand is represented through the figures of two male protagonists living their daily lives in a contemporary environment that echoes the atmosphere of the 1970s.


2024 B/Style advertising campaign

The furniture interacts in perfect harmony with the environment, creating a meaningful connection under the banner of B/Style, which is the contemporary interpretation of a ‘spaceless design’ in which products, styles, and different materials converge to enhance the living experience. 


Highlighted in the pictures are some of the company’s iconic pieces, such as the Phil sofa by designer Sergio Bicego and the Padiglioni table, expression of the creative process of Alain Gilles, one of Bonaldo’s long-standing collaborations.


The integrated campaign – media, digital, and social platforms – that launched in April and will run throughout 2024, will be featured both nationally and internationally in major design magazines, both offline and online, as well as on the company’s website and channels. 


This marks a new chapter in the company’s extensive and significant design and stylistic journey, as part of a broader communication plan.