Bonaldo’s B/Style in the Dining Room 2024

Narrating living spaces, studying, evolving and reworking the style and development of a consistent and distinctive language: these are the cornerstones of the stylistic path Bonaldo has pursued for almost 90 years.
A journey which this year is summed up in the “Evolutionary” concept that pervades the new 2024 Collection, resulting in solutions that embody a contemporary concept of design that prioritises the environment, personal well-being and emotional elements.
The Update 24 “Evolutionary” catalogue showcases the new products presented at the Salone del Mobile in Milan.



Each product presented has its own personal identity and interprets a leading role in harmony with the B/Style project.
B/Style is the integrated furnishing system that creates a new harmony in living spaces and has led to the brand’s worldwide recognition thanks to the creative contribution of international designers. The constant dialogue between the products is the fil rouge that enables Bonaldo to tell its story. A story that respects evolving lifestyles and contemporary aesthetic trends. Among the various products featured in the collection are emblematic dining elements: the dramatic and bold Louver Table, Canvas Table and Hippos tables; the Alley chairs with their discreet yet distinctive appeal, and the rigorous Pi Chair, distinguished by its graphic frame. A broad selection of lamps and a collection of rugs complete the settings, as presented below:


LOUVER TABLE, design Alain Gilles



Designed by Alain Gilles, Louver Table gradually reveals itself from every angle, offering a unique perspective with each new viewpoint. The table’s three legs create a sense of vitality, interacting with the light to produce captivating visual effects that can make them appear either slender or imposing, with light curves or generous shapes, depending on the viewing angle.
Next to it, we find the Pi Chairs, where the soft and round seats appear to seamlessly merge with the solid wood frame, while the gently curved backrest evokes the mathematical “Pi” sign, harmoniously uniting all the elements. The Keshi suspension lamp with its understated and contemporary forms, and the Tangeri rug with its soft, geometric pattern complete the setting.


HIPPOS table, design Marconato & Zappa



The Hippos table in this setting is distinguished by its quintessential form, combining the sharp and regular contours of the base with the delicate shape of the legs. This combination gives the table a dynamic and visually captivating silhouette, effortlessly transitioning from subtle to powerful depending on the light, the surrounding space and perspective. Hippos paired with the Pi Chair creates a contemporary, timeless ambience. The soft Casablanca rug and Pepita suspension lamp with its intentionally irregular forms, add warmth and personality.


CANVAS TABLE, design Alain Gilles



The Canvas Table, designed by Alain Gilles, catches the eye with its bold personality, solemn contours and surprising proportions. The round-edged top featuring generous curves effortlessly blends with the base, just like a freshly painted work of art sitting on steel trestles. It pairs perfectly with the clean-cut and airy design of the Alley chair by Giuseppe Viganò, creating a harmonious play of lines and contrasts. Alley stands out for its bold metal frame and discreet yet distinctive appeal. The interplay of solid and open volumes imparts a sense of vitality and continuity to the seat, while the slender legs add both elegance and lightness.
The Rabat rug, inspired by abstract artistic currents, completes and enriches the space, while the Pepita suspension lamp adds a heightened sense of exclusivity with its irregular shape, combinations and varied glass lampshade finishes.