Olos night collection by Bonaldo

For Bonaldo, the creative process stems from a special concept in which the furnishings embrace the settings and not the other way around. This is B/Style: a furnishing vision in which the products have their own unique and distinctive look, yet coexist in harmony, creating collections that feature a single overall style.

B/Style is the result of the connection between individual products and the settings in which they are placed. The Olos night collection, designed by Mauro Lipparini, is one such example.



The distinctive feature of the Olos collection is curved wood, a natural element, that endows all the products with a Nordic inspiration and showcases its formal simplicity.

The star of the collection is Olos Bed, taking centre stage with its soft rounded lines combined with the pure shape of Olos Bedside Table, the generous padding of Olos Bench and Olos Pouf, which are perfect in the bedroom but also fit seamlessly into any room in the house.