On the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2024 and FuoriSalone, the outdoor design brand Fast is delighted to present its new collections born from the partnership with the Argentinian architect and designer Alberto Lievore and with the designer and architect duo Francesco Meda and David Lopez Quincoces, the brand’s new creative directors since October 2023. Fast is present both at the trade fair and in the city in its flagship store located in the Durini Design District. Both locations are showcasing Velo, the new range of seating designed by Lievore, along with Roè, Naca and Samba, the new collections designed by Meda and Lopez Quincoces. A selection of the brand’s most iconic past collections will be on show along with the new finishes.


The new collections fully embrace the recent rebranding of the historic aluminium outdoor furniture manufacturer from Brescia: a development process which elevates the founding values of Fast based on harmony, sustainability, territory, technology and tradition. In this regard, Lievore, Meda and Lopez Quincoces have created products which reflect the impeccable quality and superior level of technology present in every aspect of Fast production. Customisation is one of the brand’s strengths, as it is in a position to supply several product variants thanks to the centralised production and to the decision to invest in local suppliers.



With Velo, Alberto Lievore continues the close partnership which he has entertained with Fast for years and presents a collection which stands out for its extraordinary versatility of use, adaptable to various open-plan settings, from the contract world to residential environments. Lievore’s project reflects the most authentic and characteristic values of the brand, constantly pursuing the perfect balance of comfort and functionality, offering versatile and welcoming solutions for a variety of outdoor spaces.


The creative direction work, presented for the first time on this occasion with Roè, Naca and Samba, aims to translate the spirit of Fast in an even more contemporary and poetic language through the creation of multifarious products that accommodate the increasingly nuanced boundary between indoor and outdoor living spaces. In the new collections, the creative direction complements the brand’s values, integrating into the existing collections. Meda and Lopez Quincoces also came up with new materials to match the collections. Aluminium is thus accompanied by elements with warmer hues and textures that are reminiscent of nature, such as lava stone and a special hand-made mortar, the application of which makes each product one of a kind.

The key words remain: aluminium, customisation, centralised production, attention to detail, harmony and nature, which culminate in a unique and timeless design. Staying consistent with the past, yet with a keen eye on the present and the future, as demonstrated by the perfect aesthetic coexistence between Lievore’s projects and those of the new creative direction, the new collections illustrate the Fast brand as being even more human, warmer, cosier as well as nature-centric. All this reminds us of the human hand behind the product and above all conveys the joy of living in the open air.



“Fast is thrilled to be taking part in the Salone del Mobile and Milan Design Week 2024 to present its recent rebranding and the new collections designed by Alberto Lievore, Francesco Meda and David Lopez Quincoces. The partnership between the designers and the Fast family has generated more than just products, but concrete testimonies to our commitment to excellence and sustainability. The core of these collections is to share the joy of living outdoors, a message that we want to convey with passion and authenticity,” states CEO of Fast, Marco Levrangi.


After years of close collaboration with the company, I’m excited to be part of the Fast family and to contribute to this evolution. With Velo, we wanted to pay tribute to the essence of timeless design by emphasising the harmonious fusion between aesthetics, functionality and nature”, adds Alberto Lievore.


“With the new collections, we wanted to shape the soul of Fast in an even more contemporary and poetic vision, proposing a bold and modern interpretation of outdoor design. Each piece reflects a profound dialogue between form and function, celebrating the constant harmony between nature and technology. The new collections are a vibrant tapestry of human creativity, woven from the stories, values, and experiences of the people who call this region home,” commented Francesco Meda and David Lopez Quincoces.