FAST presents the new 2024 catalogue

Offering a delightful escape to the warm season that provides solace on these chilly days, Fast unveils the new enchanting chapters of its 2024 catalogue, featuring the outdoor collections Ninfea, Ria Soft, Solaris and Zebra.


The Ria Soft collection designed by Alberto Lievore: on the left the new daybed of the collection



Within the 2024 catalogue, FAST introduces the Ria Soft daybed, which invites us to indulge and unwind under the caress of the summer sun. Moreover, there are two sun loungers completing the Zebra and Solaris collections, which encourage us to recline and bask in the golden embrace of nature. Meanwhile the Ninfea serving cart stands ever-ready, ensuring that outdoor gatherings for individuals are effortless and seamless.


Clockwise from left above: The decorative birdie, the Zebra sun lounger, the Ninfea serving cart, Zebra chairs with the new coffee table and the Solaris collection with the new sun lounger


Let’s not overlook the sofisticated finishes available for the Zebra coffee table, enhancing the elegance of one’s outdoor space. And to add a touch of whimsy and charm to the environment, FAST unveils the endearing decorative birdie.