Glamora for DecoHub: new dimensions of living

Glamora reaffirms its experimental calling by taking part in the first virtual architecture that brings together well-known interior designers and major brands in the sector.


Design meets virtual reality at DecoHub, a new digital platform that connects creatives and companies in an immersive multispace created with artificial intelligence. A project designed to revolutionize the way ideas and products are presented, within living spaces that enjoy the utmost imaginative freedom and the power of the real.



The environments are designed by some of the most renowned contemporary designers: from Puntofilipino to Erico Navazo, from Alba de la Fuente to Miriam Alía, from Alejandra Pombo to the British architect and AI expert Amir Hossein Noori, creator of the architectural space of DecoHub. Each is supported by brands that have chosen to believe in the synergy between AI, 3D, virtual reality and interior design, such as Glamora.


Glamora is participating in this innovative concept, which aims to break the barriers of imagination and profoundly transform the design sector, dressing the walls of the living space “The Archaeology of Silence”, designed by Gema Gutiérrez of Puntofilipino.



The Temps Perdu wallcovering from the Komorebi Collection, with its soft hues and subtly hinted floral patterns, offers a vision of serenity and energy intimately linked to nature, inspired by Japandi atmospheres. Meanwhile, the Amadriadi subject from Creative Collection Chapter XIII stimulates a journey between myth and legend, where beautiful and graceful deities such as nymphs are encountered, adorned with flowers and fluttering garments.