Glamora presents: Creative Collection Chapter XIV

As with every January, Glamora presents the new chapter of its permanent wallcoverings collection.

The new Chapter XIV represents a metaphorical journey along a river, where the nature around us flows in an intimate narrative of memories.


Through 36 subjects, the wallcovering collection evokes a silent dialogue between water and the calm essence of nature, the rustle of leaves as a boat passes, a feather found on the surface, the caress of light at dawn, offering a dreamlike vision of the river landscape that superimposes reality on a more personal reflection.



This collection is ideal for environments that demand high aesthetic and functional standards, both private and public, such as offices, hotels and healthcare facilities. Focusing on the contract world, Glamora introduces some significant innovations, such as a sound-absorbing substrate combined with the wallcovering ensuring acoustic comfort and an innovative eco-resin that works as a natural air purifier.