Glamora unites emotions and technological innovations in the new Creative Collection Chapter XIV

Glamora creates wallcovering collections that combine aesthetics, functionality and environmental responsibility, inspired by art, design and nature, made from natural or sustainable materials of the highest quality, for residential and contract projects, including large-scale projects.


Creative Collection is the ongoing collection by Glamora, enhanced every year by the addition of a new chapter full of fresh proposals. Chapter XIV, the collection presented in 2024, best expresses the combination of emotions and technological innovations.




While representing a metaphorical journey along a river, where nature flows in an intimate narrative of memories across 36 subjects, the collection introduces three significant innovations, created especially for the contract world.


A new dimension in modular design: a third C-module is added to the conventional bi-modular structure of Glamora wallcoverings. This element offers visual discontinuity, allowing for a more pronounced and dynamic customisation of the walls, ideal for a wide range of architectural contexts.


AcousticShield™: a state-of-the-art solution for acoustic well-being. Combining a sound-absorbing substrate with a decorative wallcovering, it creates an acoustic barrier that reduces sound reverberation, ensuring acoustic comfort and aesthetics.


ECOPUR® by Oltremateria®: an innovative eco-resin that improves indoor air quality. It transforms any wallcovering into a natural air purifier, eliminating smog and odours, improving hygiene and surface wear resistance.