Madama Butterfly Collection

Madama Butterfly Collection is the result of a fascinating journey of discovery exploring Japanese culture and its reflections in the European world. A tribute to Giacomo Puccini’s opera of the same name, characterised by a perfect balance between compositional freedom and rigorous geometry, between logic and sentiment. The aim is to convey a calm, rarefied elegance by evoking the emotion of an encounter between East and West, between contemporaneity and tradition, as well as between different materials, creating unprecedented effects.


The figure of the geisha, Madama Butterfly, is the main character who brings the scene to life. An imaginary silhouette that moves in architectural spaces defined by soft tones and precise rhythms, interrupted by variations in sequence and invigorated by natural stylistic features. In an intense, muffled universe between inside and outside, everything is governed by a precise order and an original harmony, which make this collection timeless.



Madama Butterfly Collection consists of five patterns whose names evoke some of the most poetic verses from Puccini’s opera. Each one is made up of a combination of elements in different materials that dialogue with each other thanks to the presence of a thin golden joining line. The result is a wallcovering proposal with predefined dimensions, all three metres in height, but with different widths, allowing professionals great compositional and decorative autonomy.



The cornerstone of the project are the materials, with a natural soul, that the brand has specially developed. Surfaces that evoke the essence of birch, the softness of velvet, the porosity of cork, the irregular density of paper and are combined with each other, or with pre-existing materials such as GlamPure, a non-woven fabric made of pure linen and viscose, and GlamSatin, viscose with mineral powder characterised by a special iridescent finish that evokes the sheen of silk.
The colour palette that emerges is a symphony of grey, pink, ivory and cream tones, ideal for refined and contemporary interiors in a constant dialogue between minimalism and taste for decoration.