Outdoor in the bathroom with Glamora

Decorative wallcoverings are a valuable resource for expanding and enhancing small areas, emphasizing the different levels of a space to create a sense of visual depth. Glamora’s customisation service has adapted a subject to the small dimensions of a service environment without losing the poetic essence of a stylized forest with pastel shades, defining the original character of a contemporary home in a historic building.

Shaping a modern and bright apartment within a historic building in Modena, characterised by an open loggia and unusual spatial cuts resulting from divisions and mergers of ancient rooms. This was the challenge taken on by Moving Office +17 studio in designing an essential and contemporary home, defined by a few elements of minimal taste and the choice of a wallcovering able of embellishing transitional spaces, evoking the airy outdoors.



“The choice of the Per Sempre wallcovering from Glamora came spontaneously and empathetically,” explains designer Letizia Piani. “I allowed myself to be carried away by its timeless atmosphere, in Art Deco style, in its somewhat tropical and Mediterranean garden, where I found the reminiscent of a centuries-old wisteria growing in the courtyard. I saw it as a sign of continuity, a perfect liaison between interior and exterior.”

“Green, a symbol of peace and serenity par excellence, is a color I often use,” she adds, “and it blends perfectly with neutral tones to create a refined and welcoming overall atmosphere.”


A poetic mix of different flora and fauna, where the chirping of a curious bird and the swift movements of a monkey hidden among the branches and leaves of lush vegetation seem to resonate. This sensation multiplies and expands thanks to vintage mirrors hanging on the walls.
The use of the Per Sempre wallcovering from the Creative Collection Chapter XI has transformed a small, windowless space into an unexpected, enchanted oasis. Originally designed for larger dimensions, over 9 linear meters, the subject has been readapted to a smaller space without losing the poetry and special elements that characterise it, thanks to Glamora’s Bespoke Design Service.



The material, GlamDecor, enhances the design through a delicate canvas effect. Upon entering, one is enveloped in a dreamlike atmosphere, in close contact with nature. Lightness, discreet yet precious tones express harmony and energy together.