Mako and Core technology by MCZ

Mako combines the most innovative operating technologies with a charming design, inspired by nordic minimal aesthetics. The cladding, made entirely of painted steel, and the bevelled corners lighten the whole structure while lending it character.

Its minimalist shape also represents the vision of the future that MCZ has for heating: to heat more sustainably in the service of the environment, but without sacrificing comfort and aesthetics. This vision is also reflected in the new photographs, in which the clean and beautiful flames of Mako are spectacularly staged in the high mountains.



Mako is a ducted stove that can heat several rooms at the same time. With Core technology, extremely clean and sustainable combustion of the pellets is guaranteed and emissions are reduced to unprecedented levels.

Protected by three patents, Core was developed in-house by MCZ and, in addition to the drastic reduction in emissions, also offers a great flame pattern and even easier and faster cleaning because particularly little ash is produced and this is also eliminated by a self-cleaning combustion bowl.

In addition to Mako, another four stoves with Core technology are currently offered: Club, Ego, Musa and Suite.