MCZ, the perfect temperature without energy waste

Experiencing cold indoors is uncomfortable, yet excessive heat can also adversely affect health and disrupt sleep, thereby compromising overall well-being. Maintaining a balanced temperature at home is essential for ensuring comfort and good health.

With the rise of passive houses or well-insulated homes, it’s increasingly important to avoid overheating indoor spaces. Low-power pellet stoves are ideal for this purpose, striking a perfect balance between thermal comfort and energy efficiency, effectively utilising the insulation characteristics of these houses.



Due to efficient planning, passive or well-insulated homes have minimal energy requirements for heating. A low-power stove provides adequate warmth without excess, thereby minimising waste. On the other hand, an overly powerful stove can cause overheating, resulting in discomfort indoors and necessitating excessive ventilation, which goes against energy efficiency principles. To meet this need, MCZ has introduced the 6-kW power option to a series of pellet stoves: Eiko (news 2024), Alea, Alyssa, Ghea, Hera, Tecla