Take your time: a reflection on how spaces can help us experience time

We live in an age where everything moves at an accelerated pace, with agendas overflowing with commitments and high levels of performance to meet, where time always seems to slip through our hands like sand between our fingers. In the frantic race we face every day, with deadlines, to-do lists and hyper-connectedness, time has become our scarcest and most precious resource.


Take your time”, the collection with which Opinion Ciatti presents itself at the Salone del Mobile 2024, moves precisely from this reflection. An invitation to slow down, to stop if necessary, to take a break, a deep breath, a moment of tranquillity. And it does so by questioning how the spaces we inhabit, the furnishings with which we interact on a daily basis, can help us rediscover and experience time. A time for awareness and stillness, for dreaming and reflection, for the beauty of small things, to be rediscovered inside and outside of us.


Thus are born complements – a console table, a shelf, tables and coffee tables, a bookcase – which, in order to release all their functionality, by their very nature oblige us to live them fully, savouring every moment we spend in their company.
Pieces that combine form and function to create environments that satisfy the body while nourishing the soul and spirit.
Thus was born Vanilla by Raffaella Mangiarotti, a small console that with the addition of simple accessories can be
transformed into a refined dressing table, to pamper our bodies, or into a practical desk to collect our thoughts.
This is where Nori, the seagull-shaped shelf – also by Raffaella Mangiarotti – comes to life, adorning our walls and making us fly with imagination and transporting us to distant seas.

Or the Hercle table collection designed by Lapo Ciatti: classically inspired, it is an invitation to conviviality and to the joy of being outdoors in contact with nature.
For its part, the new Corkcrete texture reminds us of the importance of slowing down even to safeguard the life of the planet we live on. Made of cork and with incredible technical qualities, it is laid not only on the new tables but also on the great family classics such as ILtavolo 2.0 and LAlampada, again by Lapo Ciatti, and the Mammamia chair by Marcello Ziliani.
Finally, the special limited edition of Ptolomeo, the company’s iconic bookcase, fits perfectly into this context.
On the 20th anniversary of its Compasso d’Oro win, it rediscovers the black sheet metal with which Bruno Rainaldi designed it.


All the novelties will populate the Rho Fiera booth in its new location in Hall 22 from 16 to 21 April. Along with them, most of the products in the Opinion Ciatti catalogue and the new version with wheels of Cartesio, Lapo Ciatti’s multimedia stand.
A booth made, as has been the practice in recent years, from recycled materials. In warm, soft colours, the booth has its own distinctive feature in the large curtains that serve as backdrops. Floating lightly, they remind us how important it is to rediscover the fluidity of time, freeing it from the boxes in which we continually cage it.

In the city, Raffaella Mangiarotti’s Pepe stool, selected by journalist Francesca Acerboni, will be part of “Un passo avanti”, a group exhibition hosted in the spaces of Palazzo Lombardia in the context of ‘Shaped by Design: Un Viaggio Innovativo nella Design Week Milano 2024’. Conceived by Paola Silvia Coronel and already presented in February at the Courmayeur Design Weekend, ‘Un passo avanti’ emphasises the importance of the feminine in design, through a selection of 30 objects chosen by professionals in the sector, strictly in red.


I am very excited to participate in my 22nd edition of the Salone del Mobile,” says Lapo Ciatti, CEO and Art Director of Opinion Ciatti. This event is always an exciting time for us because it gives us the opportunity to connect with our clients and the many professionals in the industry, and share our latest creations and innovations with them.
Our journey into the world of design is driven by a constant search for beauty, functionality and innovation. Indeed, we firmly believe that what we do is not just about aesthetics, but also about experience. This is why ‘Take your time’ represents us so much, because each piece is designed to ensure usability that goes beyond mere utility but is charged with deep meanings of care and reflection. We are also proud,’ Lapo Ciatti continues, ‘to showcase not only our products, but also our dedication to sustainable design: in fact, we continue our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our production, using recycled materials and eco-sustainable processes. But our work does not stop there. We are constantly looking for ways to improve and innovate, to keep up with industry trends and to listen to our customers’ needs. So what better occasion than the Salone del Mobile?