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I met Paola and Susanna when their business was taking off and immediately appreciated their gentle manner and professional approach. In a world, especially twenty years ago, that was self-referential and populated by prima donnas and trombones, they immediately appeared pleasantly out of the chorus. With a spontaneous intuition and a lot of determination, they punctually took on a new challenge by riding the need for Italian companies in the sector to enter foreign markets, which at the time were limited to Western Europe, with their centre of gravity in Germany. With their empathetic way of doing things, their efficiency and dedication they have gradually accumulated experience and knowledge and have become an authoritative point of reference in the field of Public Relations. I have worked with them, and continue to do so, on many occasions, and always, I think I can say, with mutual satisfaction. I recently visited their new office and met their staff of collaborators, indirectly having further confirmation of their professional success, a success that has not changed them, in some ways they have remained the 'friends next door'.


We started working with Paola and Susanna at the beginning of their professional history, and if this year ERGO celebrates 25 years, we want to celebrate 25 years of collaboration with ERGO. In the company, my closest collaborators have always described Paola and Susanna as two rigorous people, great professionals, serious, always 'focused'. In recent years, I have had direct contact with them and I can say that they are 'even more': professional (always), precise, efficient, reliable, so much so that we in the company affectionately call them 'the Germans'. They are certainly among the most loyal fans of our company and I really appreciate the fact that they are not aggressive, 'noisy' but always polite, measured and balanced. For me they are a point of reference, a certainty, a guarantee and I always know that I can ask them for any professional commitment and they will always be available, efficient, beyond expectations. I wish Paola, Susanna and their collaborators many many years of future professional success, of working together and of goals to be shared.


How to describe the ERGO girls? Precise, punctual and always very professional. More than 15 years of valuable and pleasant collaboration, always with added value, which has brought visibility and consistent positioning for all the MCZ Group brands. Highly recommended.


For me, ERGO are 'the girls', that's what I've always called them, true professionals and ironic to the right extent. I met them at the beginning of the new millennium. A company had given us the task of promoting the brand by opening new furniture showrooms in Europe. I was in charge of the design and the communication was entrusted to them, to the girls! In my opinion, just three words are enough to describe their work: identity, thought and irony. Well done girls, thank you!


Paola and Susanna, 'the ERGOs', as I used to call them, took care of our Publich Relations in German-speaking countries for ten years, a long and fruitful collaboration. Working with them has been a great professional and human experience: I remember them when they arrived at meetings, always smiling and ready for a joke, but then, when we started talking about work, focused and competent. In fact, competence, professional seriousness and a true and deep knowledge of the Germanic media in the design and architecture sector have always been the qualities that have distinguished the work 'of the ERGOs'. They recently celebrated twenty-five years of the agency they created, a testimony to the fine success story they have behind them. I sincerely wish Susanna and Paola many more years of success!


We met 'The ERGOs', as we affectionately call them in the company, about 6 years ago. A strong empathy was born immediately, accompanied by a deep sense of reliability, seriousness and professionalism, characteristics that are never taken for granted. This collaboration has allowed us to grow internationally and to create between them and our team a climate of trust that we consider fundamental for the realisation of our company projects. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all to continue your journey with the enthusiasm and competence that have distinguished you from the start.


From 'The people I like' by Mario Benedetti: 'I like people who vibrate, because they know what needs to be done and they do it. I like people who understand that collective work, between friends, is more productive than chaotic individual efforts. I like people who know the importance of cheerfulness. I like people who are sincere and frank. I like people who are loyal and determined, who are not discouraged when it comes to pursuing goals and ideas. I like people who work for results. With people like this, I engage in any endeavour; for the mere fact of having them at my side, I consider myself well rewarded.' I add: People who act without proclaiming, deliver without promising, because they are, without the need to appear. To these unique individuals, to ERGO, I address my sincerest admiration and gratitude.

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