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Anemone, the new coat stand by Bonaldo

Posted in Furniture, Bonaldo on Wednesday, 06 May 2020

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Bonaldo extends its collection of accessories with a coat stand boasting a sculptural and elegant personality. This is how the designer Fabrice Berrux describes his new design for Bonaldo: «I wonder whether Anemone can be considered a coat stand with a sculptural personality or a sculpture that can be used as a coat stand. Anyway, Anemone is without a doubt a presence in human dimensions which welcomes you with its “outstretched arms” when you get home».

The reference to nature in all its glory is what guided Fabrice Berrux in designing the Anemone coat stand for Bonaldo: Anemone is shaped like a tree, consisting of six different branches which open up and out from a robust trunk, where they meet, lending stability to the figure.

The French designer’s project aims to go beyond mere shape and functionality: Berrux also focuses on the textured aspect of the product, in keeping with the painstaking care that Bonaldo has always reserved for materials and finishes in all its collections. The Anemone coat stand can be in polyethylene or entirely upholstered with fabric, for an elegant look that blends in seamlessly with any interior, whether in residential or contract settings: it can be placed at the entrance of an office or in a bedroom, in a corridor or even in a hotel room.