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Tubes: Astro and Eve win the BIG SEE Awards 2019

Posted in Awards, Heating, Tubes on Wednesday, 09 October 2019

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Press Release
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The Italian brand Tubes Radiatori won the BIG SEE Awards 2019 in the "work" category with two of its latest creations: Eve and Astro. It is the first time it receives this prestigious acknowledgement.

The winners of the various categories of the Big SEE Awards 2019 were unveiled as part of BIG SEE, a creative platform that explores, assesses, exhibits and systematically promotes the commercial and creative excellence of South-East Europe. Bringing together 19 different countries and 350 million people, BIG SEE constitutes a unique forum for the discussion and development of the cultural, economic and political role of this geographic area. The platform is managed by Month of Design among others.

Astro, design by Luca Nichetto, is at the same time a thermo ventilator, an air purifier, a furnishing element. It is a small electric heating object which effortlessly brings warmth where it is needed and then, surprisingly, purifies the air.

Eve,design by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba,is a nomadic heating and luminous sphere that follows us everywhere, bringing light, warmth and wellness. Like Astro, it is part of the Plug&Play collection by Tubes: design heating elements that don't need an installation and can be easily moved in every room according to the needs. Due to their dual function, Eve and Astro can be used in every season.

Astro and Eve by Tubes received their award during the ceremony which took place yesterday 8th October 2019 during the Month of Design festival in Ljubljana (Zavod Big, Dunajska cesta 123), an annual event dedicated to design, know-how and creativity, which spans an exhibition area of 1600 + 800 square metres. A large number of events are set to take place: ranging from exhibitions and social networks, to forums, presentations and round tables.