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Astro: heat and purified air. The ideal solution in spring.

Posted in Heating, Tubes on Monday, 02 March 2020

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Astro, designed by Luca Nichetto and part of the Plug&Play collection by Tubes, is the ideal solution for heating and purifying air when the seasons are changing, such as when winter leads to spring. Once the main boiler has been switched off for the season, on cooler evenings or damp days, Astro will provide heat where necessary. Owing to the air purification function, it is also ideal for those who not only suffer from the cold but also from the typical allergies of this time of year.

Thanks to its category F7 filter Astro modifies the quality of the air throughout the home, reducing the quantity of pollutants and allergens such as pollen, bacteria, mould, fine dust and spores with an efficiency of 85%-95% for particles up to 1 micron. Astro also quickly improves the quality of the air perceived, as it traps any odours present in the activated carbon added to the filter. Cooking smells or stuffy odours from un-aired rooms, especially offices, are absorbed and neutralised, improving welfare in the room.

Free to be placed in every room and with no installation restrictions, Astro can be turned on, apart by the touch control, also by using a smartphone app that connects to the Wi-Fi at home, an extra convenience for anyone who wants to turn on their device remotely, programming temperature and air purification in the room.

Astro combines an attractive design, a distinguishing feature of Tubes collections, with the functionality that accommodates contemporary needs, which are increasingly linked to the pursuit of widespread well-being within the home.