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Autumn Colours & Mood

Posted in ALL+, Furniture, Kitchen, Bonaldo, Outdoor, Fast, J. Corradi, Heating, Surfaces, MCZ, Sergio Leoni, Tubes on Thursday, 19 July 2018

During very hot summer days we find ourselves dreaming of the autumn fresh evenings and beautiful colours: a musk green and brown seem to softly welcome the cold winter months, while yellow, orange and red shades give the trees their last fabulous touch of colour.

In autumn we still spend some time outdoors, when nature shows its colorful side for the last time, but we already appreciate staying indoors in our warm and cozy homes. For this newsletter we did a selection of our clients' products in autumn colours and finishes or that make our homes more warm and comfortable: benches by ALL+, upholstered furniture by Bonaldo, outdoor furniture by Fast, wood burning cookers by J. Corradi, stoves by MCZ and Sergio Leoni, radiators by Tubes as well as wall and floor claddings by Lithos Design.