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Bonaldo @ Salone del Mobile 2022

Posted in Bonaldo, Furniture, Projects & Events on Tuesday, 07 June 2022

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At the 60th edition of the Salone del Mobile di Milano, Bonaldo guides us through a journey to explore the domestic space in the name of B/Style, a highly suggestive project which combines Bonaldo’s furnishings.

In this context, the company presents the new 2022 “Distinctive Uniqueness” Collection, because that of Bonaldo is a uniqueness that strongly characterizes living and working spaces, day and night areas.

Taking part in the 60th edition of the Salone del Mobile has a fundamental role in our history as a company”, says Managing Director Alberto Bonaldo. “It is precisely in the context of the Salone del Mobile that we took our first steps in the world of design. Continuing to be there, showing the latest developments and our great evolution in recent times, is a constant motivation for us”.

In an exhibition space designed by Architect Mauro Lipparini, the new collection of products by Bonaldo is revealed according to a process of “conceptual inversion” in which the furnishings welcome the environments, and not vice versa.

The company is interpreted as an organism capable of bringing real interior environments to life through its creations, going beyond the mere display of products. The focus of this project is the reference to Nature: from the materials chosen - such as the sand basalt stone for floors and walls - to the plants that pervade the space, Bonaldo’s stand at the Salone del Mobile 2022 expresses the sensitivity of the brand towards that primordial authenticity that is the natural world.

The exhibition space is structured in seven different areas that display Bonaldo's ability to develop its own vision of furniture, both for the residential sector and for the design of its stores and showrooms, in a well-structured path through symbolic architectural elements that create a gallery space, the ideal stage for Bonaldo's 2022 collection.

The new collection is made up of elements that express a unique and distinctive style, but which coexist in harmony, thanks to the vision of Bonaldo, a master in coordinating styles in an orchestration that flattens the differences.

A collection that responds to modern living requirements, a proposal dedicated to the different rooms of the house for consumers who rediscovered the pleasure/need to live their own domestic spaces. The house is now perceived both as a reassuring refuge and as a home office area for remote working, as well as a welcoming place to live with the family in the most functional and comfortable way possible.