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Bonaldo and the world of art: an extraordinary pairing on show in Lyon

Posted in Bonaldo, Projects & Events on Monday, 10 October 2022

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"De la fragilité d'une idée à la matérialité"

29th September - 18th November | RBC Lyon Cube Orange

On the occasion of the Biennale of Contemporary Art in Lyon, Bonaldo enters the world of art with a high-impact installation focusing on the process behind the transformation of an idea into a product.

Thanks to the creative flair of Belgian designer Alain Gilles and in close collaboration with their client RBC, Bonaldo becomes the star of the show "De la fragilité d'une idée à la matérialité" (From the fragility of an idea to its materiality), from 29th September to 18th November at RBC Lyon Cube Orange.

The installation, as indicated by the title itself, analyses the complex process behind the birth of an object: from the concept to the first sketches, through to the development process and finally the finished product. "Few ideas actually becomes reality, most of them never even pass the early design stages," states Alain Gilles. Hence, the fragility of ideas in the title of the exhibition.

Bonaldo's furniture pieces have been painted white and decorated with hand-drawn lines representing the original sketches of the elements themselves, turning them into apparently ethereal and surreal pieces.

Some of the furniture’s components float above the elements themselves, representing the design process and birth of the initially fragile and vaguely defined concepts, symbolising the various inspirations that give life to a project.

The background represents a floating sheet of paper that merges with the pedestal in white. Fragility and lightness come together with the sturdiness of the base to become a tangible reality: a representation that symbolises the process of transforming an idea into objects. The white background also serves to create a sort of space within the space, much like inside the human mind, between dreams and reality.


A selection of Alain Gilles’ most iconic and innovative pieces created for Bonaldo are on display in Lyon. To name a few, the famous Big Table, one of the earliest products to come out of this partnership, the Eddy Up armchair, and the sculptural Geometric Console.

Through its contribution to "De la fragilité d'une idée à la matérialité", Bonaldo thoroughly investigates the world of art, creating a bridge between product and design that meets both practical needs and the call for creative expression: art, creativity and product are brought together like never before in this installation, breaking down all pre-existing barriers.