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Bonaldo: the new products designed by Mauro Lipparini

Posted in Furniture, Bonaldo on Thursday, 21 May 2020

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The partnership between Bonaldo and Mauro Lipparini is one that stretches back many years and has seen both company and designer cast as active participants in a constant back-and-forth of interaction and ideas. In addition to producing a vast array of products, the experienced designer has in recent years designed trade show stands and showrooms for Bonaldo across the world, drawing on his extensive knowledge of the company to channel its spirit to great effect. Now, in the latest instalment in this long-running collaboration, Lipparini has created several products for Bonaldo’s 2020 collection.

Lipparini’s new creations for the Bonaldo 2020 collection stem from an aesthetic vision free from stylistic constraints and limitations. The designer has allowed himself to be led by his own hand in a far-reaching exploration of living spaces, something that Lipparini himself describes as “a journey of freedom of interpretation in the name of good taste”. Lipparini’s latest creations explore three different contemporary living environments – the living room, the dining room and the home office – and do so by envisaging products capable of interacting with one another within domestic settings and other spaces.

The common denominator between Bonaldo and Lipparini has always been their shared focus on materials. Here, in the Bonaldo 2020 collection, Lipparini combines various different materials to create sophisticated furniture solutions, with marble, metal, wood, ceramics, leather and fabric all playing a starring role.

The result is a collection that epitomises the Bonaldo Total Look, with stand-out pieces including the Curling table, the Tètra sofa, the Lupino side tables and the Gauss desk.