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Bonaldo partner of the Laurichhof design hotel

Posted in Furniture, Bonaldo, Projects & Events on Tuesday, 14 April 2020

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Leading company in the Made in Italy furniture and décor sector, Bonaldo was chosen by the Seidel+Architekten firm to furnish the Laurichhof “design hotel” in Pirna.

Located in Saxony, in the beautiful setting of the Ore mountains and Elbe river, just a few kilometres from the artistic wonders of Dresden and Prague, the Laurichhof offers a unique experience: during their stay, guests can try out the objects that furnish and decorate their accommodation and, if they wish, they can buy them.

To furnish the Laurichhof hotel’s suites, the architects of the Seidel+Architekten firm have selected various objects designed by Bonaldo, which, due to their aesthetics and practicality, perfectly complete the suites’ decor. Bonaldo is the ideal partner when it comes to stylishly furnishing both residential and contract interiors. The Italian company demonstrates an impressive ability to meet the complex demands of the contract sector thanks to its wide range of products and its ability to customize them. In fact, with the continuous materials' research, Bonaldo offers numerous coverings and finishes for maximum customization in order to meet the needs of the most diverse customers.

Bonaldo products have been chosen to furnish some of the hotel’s 27 suites, which are all different and have names that match their style and atmosphere, ranging from the “Palazzo de Medici” suite to the “Big in Japan” room, “Unter dem Meer” underwater room, “Marrakech” apartment and many others.