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Bonaldo: a journey into the world of B/Style

Posted in Furniture, Bonaldo on Wednesday, 01 March 2023

Tags: architecture | bonaldo | B_Style | design | furntiure | living | Made in Italy

Close to the lake is Bonaldo’s choice to title the setting that introduces the new B/Style catalogue. A lakeside villa set in a verdant landscape and backed by rolling hills, with expansive windows framing the view.

It is here that readers casually leafing through the catalogue experience their first encounter with Bonaldo design: modern and stylish furniture elements, each one with a distinct style but in a dialogue that goes well beyond their simple placement together. B/Style embodies this harmonious coexistence of objects and styles in a space where rooms meld into one another and distances fade.

Tables and chairs, bookshelves and other accessories furnish the interiors of this villa in a contemporary atmosphere completely designed by Bonaldo.