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Heating a loft with MCZ

Posted in Heating, MCZ on Tuesday, 04 October 2022

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Living in a loft.

A loft means open and airy spaces where the boundaries between the living room, bedroom area, and kitchen are flexible or non-existent. A loft departs from conventional layouts and is a predominantly urban type of home, a little bohemian and unconventional, where old and contemporary styles meet. Often obtained from old industrial or retail warehouses, a loft usually takes up the whole floor of a building and features high ceilings and a single, unusually large open space. Living in a loft is undoubtedly charming but heating it may become a problem due to heat loss.

MCZ explains how to heat a loft.

Very often, lofts lack perfect insulation. This is why – as MCZ technicians explain – the product’s power must almost always be increased by 20% compared to the actual heating needs based on volume. This concerns the fireplace as well as the stove. But what should one choose? Which is best suited to heating a loft? A stove or a fireplace? Wood or pellets? All questions can only be answered after a thorough technical inspection, during which all structural aspects of the loft and personal requirements are analysed.