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CoeLux® at Standard Dose in NYC

Posted in Contract, Lighting, Projects & Events on Wednesday, 08 January 2020

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Natural elements such as plants and lightwells create a relaxing atmosphere inside the New York spa called Standard Dose, designed by SR Projects. Situated in Manhattan, in the iconic NoMad neighbourhood, Standard Dose offers an experience for purifying both body and mind, combined with meditation courses, beauty treatments and the sale of natural products.

The mission is to provide an experience for physical and mental well-being through natural curing practices. The facility offers yoga and meditation lessons, teaching seminars and spa services. The architecture, the furniture and the painstaking care for details successfully accomplished the goal of making the setting natural, relaxing and well lit. The pale pink walls, the floors comprising wide wooden floorboards and the minimal furniture give the space a Mediterranean feel.

Inside this context, a CoeLux HC 45 Sun&Moon system was installed in one of the rooms used for meditation practice, and it contributes towards creating a natural and reassuring atmosphere.