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CoeLux: well-being for spaces without windows

Posted in Contract, CoeLux®, Lighting, Wellness on Tuesday, 28 May 2019

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The light, which is always a prior element in the creation of comfortable environments, becomes a problematic factor when an architect is asked to design a closed space, without any windows or any other openings to the outside. Natural light creates well-being for the human beings, that are naturally prone to living outdoors but more and more limited by the walls of their houses and work places.

In those projects in which the light is not available, the solution is CoeLux® with its high-tech systems, which reproduce the true experience of natural sunlight and of the sky in indoor spaces.

CoeLux' purpose is to offer a sense of well-being on a primal level, at home or in an office, in a shop, museum, hospital, airplane or on the subway. In a space as small as an elevator or as large as an airport, CoeLux systems increase the quality of the space we inhabit, our productivity and feeling of well- being.