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CoeLux® @ Euroluce 2019

Posted in Lighting, CoeLux®, Wellness on Monday, 08 April 2019

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CoeLux at Euroluce, combining philosophy, science and design


CoeLux®, Italian producer of high-tech systems able to recreate the natural experience of the sun and sky indoors, returns to Euroluce, presenting its products on a stand that highlights their philosophical and evocative side as well as showing their countless installation possibilities in homes and public spaces from a more practical and design point of view.


The 80m2 exhibition area has been designed as a “destructured installation”. Six separate sections divided by a central inlet: suspended rooms, alcoves intersections, walls that meet the ceiling in a single opening towards the CoeLux sky: architecture that contains other architectural features aimed at appealing to visitors, first and foremost, as humans and to their natural attraction to the outdoors, and then to their rational thinking and professional approach as designers, discovering technologically advanced solutions to bring the sense of well-being that we get from nature and open-air spaces indoors.


CoeLux technology mixes nature with architecture, creating an environment that offers the experience of the sky, which is already imprinted on our memory.

The need to perfectly reconstruct closed spaces at the exhibition, able to highlight the technical characteristics of CoeLux systems, led to two new partnerships being established. One with Linvisibile, the historical “Made in Italy” brand that is a leading manufacturer of doors positioned completely flush with the wall, and one with Anne Kyyrö Quinn whose “Tulip” soundproof panels represent the exuberance of nature in a simple yet dynamic design.


The CoeLux systems on display in Pav. 15, Stand F28 are divided into three product families -  CoeLux® LS (Ice, Matte, Array and Mini), CoeLux® ST (Wall Washing), CoeLux® HE (60HC and a Concept Version of CoeLux® 45 LC) -  and the CoeLux® HT 25 system. This new product, being previewed at Euroluce, is the first system characterised by a band-shaped overhead light with a versatile design: a 25cm-thick rectangular window measuring 52 x 107cm.