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CoeLux wins the Good Design Award Australia

Posted in Lighting, Awards on Wednesday, 18 December 2019

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Since 1958, the World Design Organization recognises the Good Design Award as the most prestigious design awards in Australia. In 2019 this acknowledgement, which celebrates new excellent products on the Australian market in the design and architecture worlds, received a record number of almost 700 candidate projects from 378 brands, 123 of which originating from other continents.

CoeLux® won the Gold Good Design Award in the Product Design category thanks to the scientific innovation of its systems which reproduce the sun and the sky realistically, as a result of a scientific research project conducted by an interdisciplinary team.

The jury of the Good Design Award, made up of specialist experts, stated: "CoeLux is a smart merger of science, know-how, technology and creativity which offers an outstanding product. You can install a hyper-realistic window in a first-floor apartment without involving the neighbours on the second floor. What a wonderful solution! This is an extraordinary achievement, considering the quantity and the calibre of candidate projects in the running for the award which we received this year".

CoeLux offers innovative solutions capable of recreating the natural experience of the sun and sky, allowing human beings to reconnect with nature through hyper-realistic technology and contributing towards an enhanced feeling of well-being in indoor settings.