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The road from simplicity to complexity is a short one for Tubes

Posted in Bathroom, Heating, Tubes on Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Tags: add-On | Elements | heating | modularity | radiator | Rift | Square | Step-by-Step | Tubes

For Tubes Radiatori modularity is a genuine flair. Many of the radiators made by the brand in fact share a significant distinguishing trait: the possibility of creating the most varied compositions.

Modules and shapes come together to afford each time a different identity for the heating body and offer a multitude of solutions. All distinguished by customisation, one of the specific features that is increasingly in demand from Tubes.

Indeed, the brand is accustomed to liaising with the worlds of architecture and interior design, which concurrently need to accommodate the functional needs of a project with the stylistic ones and with the principal’s personal tastes too. Modularity for Tubes thus came about to make the designer’s job easier, giving the chance to find the most suitable solution for each individual project.

Square, add-On, Rift and Step-by-Step, four radiators from the Elements collection, constitute a significant demonstration of how, thanks to Tubes, technology, concreteness and rationality blend with the creative freedom offered by modularity, giving the designer an extremely broad flexibility of adaptation.