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Legs in view! Bonaldo’s new tables.

Posted in Furniture, Bonaldo on Wednesday, 17 October 2018

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It draws attention and is a functional object that tells the story of its owner through its unmistakable personality: the table is a piece of furniture which strongly distinguishes the home, playing an undisputed starring role in the living area. Thanks to impeccable stylistic and material research combined with the creative skills of the designers, Bonaldo, a 100% Made in Italy design company, has always focused on tables, which are recognised at international level as real icons of style.


Bonaldo’s new collection of tables expresses sculptural significance, irony and timeless elegance. A line that goes beyond the surface and casts the spotlights… on legs. Among the new models, the rationality of Art stands out, giving rise to a game of unexpected geometric shapes resulting in a strong scenic impact, along with the magical woven base of Tangle, whose design is inspired by the force of nature. Furthermore, there are some new features for the Prora table, whose marine inspiration brings to mind the bow of a ship: it is in fact available with a new octagonal table top and in the ceramic finish.