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DV300-Screens for a safe workplace

Posted in Office, DVO on Tuesday, 27 October 2020

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With a particular attention to the safety of the workplace and with a focus on the current need for protection of personal space, DVO further expands its DV300-Screens collection, which includes protective barriers intended for all those who work in contact with the public or in multiple workstations.

With the DV300-Screens collection, DVO provides protective screens in transparent plexiglass, in addition to floor dividing panels, table dividers, integrated panels in melamine or laminate - whiteboard version - fixed or on wheels.

Different shapes, sizes and colors make the elements of this collection perfectly adaptable to the most varied needs, spaces and tastes. Modular according to different geometries, they also perform the task of redesigning layouts and workspaces.

Easy to clean and sanitize, they can be integrated into existing workstations or equipped with self-supporting systems which, in the floor panel version, include fixed or mobile supports on wheels.

The "whiteboard" versions of the floor laminate panels are real dividers that, in addition to "separating", also become "areas for notes".

DV300-Screens, in melamine and plexiglass, are 100% recyclable.