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DVO: solutions for acoustic comfort in the office

Posted in Office, Contract, DVO on Friday, 12 July 2019

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Whether it is an open space or a traditional office, it is always important that the work environment is well designed to achieve an optimal psychophysical condition, and therefore to work at its best. For this purpose, one of the elements to be taken into consideration and of great relevance is acoustic comfort, in addition to thermal and lighting comfort. The noise, deriving from conversations of nearby colleagues or from electronic devices, increases fatigue and reduces concentration and performance, with a consequent decrease in the quality of the work.

Thanks to specific studies in the field of acoustics and office environment design, DVO offers three collections that aim to improve acoustic comfort.

The collections are the DV300-Colibrì and DV350-Refuge, which include different products upholstered with sound-absorbing fabric, and the DV600-Partition walls collection which, in addition to contributing to the aesthetic appeal of the spaces, allows the creation of isolated work areas both from a physical and acoustic point of view, thanks to the materials used: sheets of laminated glass and panels in melamine or wood that limit the propagation of sound.

In the press release you can find a description of the collections by DVO.