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DVO @ Fuorisalone 2019

Posted in Office, DVO, Projects & Events on Monday, 08 April 2019

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TEAM4WORK, Tea, Team, Work

Time changes and the way we work becomes more free and creative, far from the conventional idea of ​​a rigid and formal office, capable of developing talents and cooperation in a fluid and relaxed professional environment.

The dichotomy between innovative and informal office and the more traditional one is protagonist of the Design Week 2019 at DVO's Learning + Innovation Center, in the heart of Maroncelli District, Milan.

Human beings with their needs are at the center of workplace design. The title of the event, TEAM4WORK, curated by DVO's art director Enzo Berti, plays on the words Tea, Team and Work, to connect the work environment with a moment of relaxation such as the tea break while Team represents the idea of sharing, cooperation and teamwork.

DVO proposes new elements which are not strictly related to the office but are used to work (low tables, poufs, long tables that can be jointed for cooperation), but also elements that allow moments of isolation, promoting a way of living in the office with informality, bien vivre and responding to the demand for continuous rapid change in current working needs.

In contrast with this concept of contemporary work, in the background DVO projects some clips from the film Modern Times, Chaplin's masterpiece that tells of an overwhelming way of working.