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DVO: refined home office

Posted in Office, DVO on Wednesday, 25 March 2020

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Elegant, modular and extremely functional.

For the home office, DVO offers an elegant collection of tables characterized by a trestle base (DV911-Noto) that can be integrated on a bar or on the base modules of a system of sideboards and wall units (DV504-Milo).

High quality design and finishes for this line that offers maximum freedom of design thanks to the different sizes and combinations of materials and colours which make it suitable for every need, space and style. The contemporary style of this product allows to place it in a living room, in a bedroom or in a connecting area of the house.

Specifically, the project is composed of:

DV504-Milo: a system of sideboards on bases and wall units, hooked to a backlit bar that recalls the horizon line and helps give a sense of well-being to the space. Maximum freedom of composition is allowed. The elements of the system can have a square and rectangular shape, are available in different colours, with doors or with open shelving. They can be freely positioned on the bar or hung on the wall (with specific hardware kit).

DV911-Noto: a collection that recalls the idea of the classic work table on a trestle base, characterized by elegant and clean design and great versatility. The structure is in solid wood or metal and the top, available in the rectangular and round versions, is available in different finishes and can be integrated with the DV504-Milo system of sideboards.