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Fast and Nature: interview with Alberto Lievore

Posted in Furniture, Outdoor, Fast on Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Tags: Alberto Lievore | design | Fast | furniture | outdoor | World Environment Day

On the occasion of the World Environment Day, which is celebrated on 5th June each year, Fast met with designer Alberto Lievore to reflect upon how we can safeguard the environment.

The topic of the 2020 World Environment Day was "Time for Nature". Indeed, it would appear that this year nature got the opportunity to regain some ground, when we humans were forced to stop everything and stay at home.

Now we are slowly returning to our everyday lives, the awareness has returned that a major change to our habits will be necessary to safeguard our planet.

The words of Alberto Lievore bring to the light man’s profound need to spend time outdoors and the need to change the way we interact with nature. The true luxury, according to Lievore, is in fact being able to liaise harmoniously with nature, since man is a part of it. In the hope that the lockdown has taught us humans a new approach to the environment, with this interview Fast offers a new idea of outdoor furniture, aimed at blending in seamlessly with the natural landscape in order to provide moments of relaxation and regeneration.

Alberto Lievore has been working with Fast since 2017 and, over the years, he designed five collections which cover all types of outdoor furniture: from the stackable chair to dining tables and coffee tables, from a couch to a chaise longue, and even a rocking chair. The latest creation, which was presented at the beginning of the year, is the Ria chair which will be supplemented by a series of new seats in autumn, to give rise to the sixth collection by Alberto Lievore for Fast.