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Fast: Aikana Waterproof

Posted in Furniture, Outdoor, Fast on Wednesday, 06 February 2019

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New waterproof cushions for the Aikana collection of padded products

A real outdoor sitting room: with the new waterproof cushions for the Aikana sofa and armchair, you can forget everything but the pleasure of living in the open air.

The Aikana collection, designed by Emmanuel Gallina for Fast, has now been supplemented with cushions which are particularly suitable for outdoor life. Indeed, they are resistant to rain, moisture, stains and dust: they do not need to be stored away indoors nor do they need to be covered.

Many details contribute towards solving all moisture and humidity issues, at the same time revolutionising the concept of outdoor comfort. The 100% waterproof padding is made with three layers: a hypo-allergenic, shape-retaining polyester base mat, consisting of 70% air, which does not absorb water or dust; an intermediate layer of water-permeable polyurethane; a third layer in an innovative polyester fibre, a new-generation elastic, soft and flexible material with a specific memory foam feature. The upholstery fabric - acrylic which has undergone waterproofing treatment - is soft and flexible, with stitching heat-sealed from the inside in order to make the cushion 100% waterproof.

Aikana waterproof cushions are available in three colours: ash, coffee and desert.

The Aikana collection is a system of individual and modular elements consisting of 2- and 3-seater sofas, an armchair and a dormeuse, coffee tables and accessories for outdoor use.