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Outdoor Lifestyle by Fast: the new catalogue

Posted in Furniture, Outdoor, Fast on Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Tags: design | Fast | furniture | outdoor

Timeless design, comfort, functionality and customisation: these are the keywords which distinguish FAST's collections and which are presented at their best in the new 2020 catalogue. These pages not only present the products but also illustrate the idea of Outdoor Lifestyle by Fast, which Marco Levrangi - the company's CEO - explains with these words:

"The nature we believe in is a landscape, an environment we embrace, through our gaze and our perspective. It is a nature that is never hostile, which is lived and experienced, mixed with urban spaces and recreated in the gardens that surround our homes."

The entire collection by Fast has been restyled and supplemented with new colours, fabrics and materials which extend the already comprehensive offering, making not just a greater availability of standard products to choose from, but also taking another leap forward in the direction of maximum customisation. Thanks to strict in-house production and authentic quality Made in Italy, Fast is in fact in a position to manage variants and personalizations with the utmost flexibility, accuracy and swiftness.

We hope you will appreciate this catalogue and that we all be soon enjoying some relaxing open air time.