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FastLab: Fast’s new multifunctional showroom

Posted in Fast, Outdoor on Friday, 10 March 2023

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FastLab is the name of Fast’s brand-new showroom, where the company from Brescia has created a unique space to best express its concept of Outdoor Lifestyle. FastLab is located close to Lake Garda and not far from the company’s production plants, in an industrial building dating back to the early 20th Century. The historic cotton mill is distinguished by high ceilings and huge windows, which create a bright and airy feel ideal for enhancing Fast’s collections, just as if they were on display outside.

The new venue opened its doors in autumn 2022 and is the result of the extension of the brand’s former showroom, which was entirely refurbished. From its initial 590 m2, FastLab now spans 1,700 m2 with four separate areas.

Beside the actual display space, which was designed to enhance the value of the product highlights of the Fast collection, stands a materioteca, a library of materials where customers can browse and touch all the materials that Fast uses in its outdoor products: the fabrics used for their sofas and armchairs, as well as the table top surfaces such as stoneware and wood, or details such as ropes, rugs and lacquer paints. What’s more, the various aluminium processing phases are also illustrated, from the chips to the painted product, as well as extruded samples, which testify to the fact that Fast can boast in-house production fully Made in Italy.

The area dedicated to meetings is divided up into three separate spaces, one of which equipped for speeches and video conferences. Last but by no means least is the area set aside for catering services with a visible bar counter, a dining area and an in-house kitchen, for special events.

Sociability is one of the principles that Fast focuses on, and accordingly FastLab doesn’t only work as a display space for products, indeed it was designed as a veritable laboratory at the disposal of professionals of outdoor design, agents, architects and interior designers, opinion leaders and journalists: a melting pot of ideas, a space that is “far away from the crazy crowd”, where exchange and creativity are stimulated and set free thanks to the beautiful natural surroundings, which are the source of inspiration for Fast and a profound essence of its product line-up.

FastLab: Via Arnoldo Bellini 9A, 25077 Roé Volciano (BS)