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Hotel Milla Montis: balance and grace in the choice of Scaletta by Tubes to furnish all the bedrooms

Posted in Contract, Projects & Events, Heating, Tubes on Wednesday, 27 January 2021

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Scaletta by Tubes, the iconic heated towel rail designed by Elisa Giovannoni, furnishes and heats the rooms of the Hotel Milla Montis, located in Alto Adige in the small Alpine village of Maranza.

Designed by the studio Peter Pichler Architecture, the Hotel Milla Montis is inspired by the vernacular architecture of the region and the classic wooden barn, of which it offers a contemporary interpretation nicely set in the surrounding landscape and its history. The hotel is split into four offset volumes, which are uniformed by a black larch coating and large curved cuts on the façades. All the bedrooms and communal areas such as the bar, the restaurant and the spa are open towards the mountain and overlook the Dolomites.

Great care has gone into making the most of the local context, the traditions and the elements that characterize the place. An example of this is the materials used, therefore focusing on wood: black larch for the façade in contrast with the light ash of the internal spaces and furnishings. The latter nicely complements the green Loden fabric of some of the furnishings, which evokes the adjacent Alpine meadows. There is also the stone element: Gneiss for the bar top and slate for the tiles in the bathrooms and the spa.

Scaletta by Tubes was selected by the studio Peter Pichler Architecture due to its aesthetic characteristics that could be harmoniously and gracefully included in the interior design of the 30 bedrooms: from doubles to large suites with a private sauna.

The studio Peter Pichler Architecture was looking for a simple and non-invasive solution, far from the classic radiator and that could at the same time furnish and personalize the spaces in balance with the other elements. Elegant and modern, light and minimal, Scaletta is characterized by a design that sets it far apart from the traditional shapes of heated towel rails. A furnishing element with a double function, as well as heating it can also be used simply to rest towels or clothes on.

Its versatility often makes it an item of choice in the contract area and in particular in the hotel industry. With its high aesthetic and functional value, it is a heating element that increases the comfort of the place where it is placed. Also being electrically powered, it can be switched on when it is needed, an intelligent choice in the direction of sustainability.