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ILtavolo 2.0 : the green evolution of Opinion Ciatti

Posted in Furniture, Ecofriendly, Surfaces, Opinion Ciatti on Monday, 23 January 2023

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Design and sustainability: an increasingly essential combination, a new way for companies to design and manufacture new products while respecting the planet.  

Opinion Ciatti responds to this crucial need with ILtavolo 2.0 and the new cocciopesto and cocciobianco finishes

Designed by Lapo Ciatti, ILtavolo 2.0 is the evolution of ILtavolo. It is available up to a length of 410 cm without the need for any intermediate support and with an optional set of wheels for easy movement within the space. Furthermore, ILtavolo 2.0 is entirely made of aluminium and totally recyclable in the versions with the cocciopesto or cocciobianco effect, the new bacteria-based eco-friendly finish applied by hand. 

In this particular process, microorganisms widely used in organic farming for their antioxidant properties are added to the mixture composed of noble polymers, quartz sands and calcium carbonate to improve thickness and resistance to shocks and abrasions. The resulting material is fireproof, waterproof, and entirely free of resins, lime, plaster, and cement. The processing is water based and free of chemical solvents. The entire production cycle takes place in Italy with raw materials of the highest quality, with low environmental impact and VOC emissions lower than the limits imposed by the strictest European regulations.

A real revolution deriving from months of research and experimentation on the application of materials, ILtavolo 2.0 is Opinion Ciatti’s response to one of today’s most important issues, demonstrating the company’s growing focus on sustainable development.

For its use of eco-sustainable materials, ILtavolo 2.0 was awarded the "2022 Sustainability Award" by the jury of the Archiproducts Design Awards 2022.