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Instabilelab, wallpapers that personalize indoor and outdoor spaces

Posted in Surfaces, Instabilelab on Wednesday, 17 June 2020

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Instabilelab, Venetian company with inexhaustible creativity, offers a unique and personal interpretation of wallpaper by combining different ideas and styles, creating unimagined combinations, giving value to residential and contract spaces. The unique patterns with surprising effects that the company presents through new ways of use and application are countless.

The company has the know-how to print its original graphics over different types of support and to both indoor (floors, coverings, humid areas, furniture) and outdoor environments with its weather-resistant materials.

It is a local production, thought and developed all within the company thanks to a team of professionals and experts with a strong design and architecture background. Great care is given to customization, which reaches the top with the new, original and fresh CUSTOM-ME project, dedicated to environments and products that break the stereotypes of wallpaper.