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Instabilelab, wallpapers behind the sofa

Posted in Surfaces, Instabilelab on Thursday, 25 March 2021

Tags: design | Instabilelab | living | wallpaper

Botanical drawings, macro flowers, luxurious landscapes, tropical gardens, dreaming fantasies: several and always original graphics that Instabilelab has created to emphasize one of the most important parts of the living area, the wall behind the sofa.

The choice of the wallpaper, following tastes and mood of the house, gives the entire room a strong character and enhances a very important area of the living, the area of conversation. From a technical point of view, a qualitative wallpaper is easy to apply, washable, flame resistant and long lasting throughout time.

All Instabilelab graphics are offered in different supports (Vynilic, Fiber and Acustic). Easily replaceable to change the look of the house whenever desired, the wallpapers of the Venetian company are also perfect for highlighting details, delimiting spaces and creating new seductive furnishing perspectives.