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Instabilelab, a Garden at Home

Posted in Surfaces, Instabilelab on Wednesday, 03 February 2021

Tags: design | flower | spring | wallpaper

The incredible versatility of the botanically inspired Instabilelab wallpapers: bucolic, exotic, tropical, extravagant or playful environments where nature plays the main character.

They create refined oasis of style and wellbeing for the eyes and the mind, recalling with patterns, colors and fantasies themes of nature: flowers, leaves, fruits, plants, ferns, animals, combined with taste and irreverent fantasy, are the main guest stars of Instabilelab “green” wallpapers.

A contemporary and multipurpose trend that can express itself in every home environment, in the living area as well as any other space, giving the possibility to leave a very personal footprint.

This is because the green style of Instabilelab, always maintaining its original signature and charisma, interprets different needs and personalities, going from the patterns to the colors that are offered: garish colors as well as pastel ones, flowers’ bouquets but also dreamlike visions, drafted drawings as well as luxuriant blasts.