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The CUSTOM-ME Project by Instabilelab

Posted in Surfaces, Instabilelab on Monday, 15 March 2021

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CUSTOM-ME is Instabilelab's proposal to satisfy the creativity and every kind of design demand of any interior professional. It is a new tool for designing environments in an innovative way and outside the usual compositional clichés: with CUSTOM-ME it is in fact possible to create coordinated projects involving walls, floors, fabrics, lamps and many other accessories, such as armchairs, consoles, coffee tables, carpets, etc.: they are products in catalogue, manufactured locally by Italian artisans which can be customized with the countless exclusive graphics proposed by the Venetian company.

Since its foundation, Instabilelab has been creating graphics, wallpapers and furnishing concepts of great aesthetic impact combining high originality and product quality. The constant study of materials, innovative supports and printing technologies has gradually led the Venetian company to study and launch this revolutionary design tool on the market.

Perfect and unique for the contract sector (equally suitable for the domestic environment) CUSTOM-ME is a furnishing project with an extremely high level of customisation, able to innovate or renovate any room with minimal intervention. A complete solution, capable of completely covering and customising the different areas of the any living environment such as the bedroom, bathroom, living room, hall, common areas and much more. Instabilelab's general catalogue offers wallpapers that are easy to apply, washable, noise-reducing (Acustica), water-resistant, weatherproof (for outdoor coverings), trample-resistant (for floors), antibacterial (fibreglass wallpapers guarantee 99% bacteria protection) and fireproof.

Another major plus of the company is the absolute originality and unstoppable creativity of the constantly renewed catalogue graphics. Instabilelab has always studied proposals of great aesthetic impact, never ordinary concepts - but always sophisticated, sometimes irreverent ones - which represent a guarantee in terms of colour and materials. All of these concepts can be used to create sophisticated graphic continuums of images that "slide" from the wall, moving from object to object and product to product for surprising results.