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MCZ, a "Talent Scout" of Design

Posted in Heating, MCZ on Tuesday, 09 November 2021

Tags: Andrea Brosolo | design | heating | MCZ | Pablo Dorigo | pellet | Stoves

The story of the collaboration with young Italian-Spanish designer Pablo Dorigo, entrusted with the restyling of the company's bestselling stoves

In the world of heating, where design is quite a recent value, MCZ stands out for being one of the first companies to make aesthetics a hallmark. Among the people who work together with this brand there are internationally renowned designers, such as Patricia Urquiola, Paola Navone, and Michael Geldmacher, and young professionals, testifying to the company's vocation as a “talent scout”.

A story well worth telling is the one about MCZ collaboration with Pablo Dorigo Sempere, born in 1992, who designed his first stove for MCZ in 2015, at the age of 23. This stove, the Curve model, was his first project to go from paper to production, and immediately met with public approval.

The protagonists of this story, Andrea Brosolo - Marketing Manager of MCZ Group - and Pablo Dorigo himself, gave us some anecdotes and food for thought.

Find the interview in the press release.