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MCZ All Souls of Fire

Posted in Ecofriendly, Heating, MCZ on Thursday, 04 April 2019

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Michael Geldmacher, Paola Navone and Patricia Urquiola: the three designers involved by the company talk about their innovative projects.

Just before the Milan Design Week, “All Souls of Fire”, the convention by MCZ Group – one of the leading players in the heating sector – was held on Sunday 31 March and Monday 1 April. This exclusive presentation for European distributors, journalists and sector influencers was attended by more than 800 people with a spectacular 4,200-square metre installation at “The Mall” in Milan.

On Sunday afternoon, the projects created for MCZ were introduced by the designers themselves, namely Michael Geldmacher, Paola Navone and Patricia Urquiola. These fresh and original ideas were well designed to highlight the innovative technological features of the brand’s products.

The decision to involve major international designers allowed MCZ to bring fire back to the forefront of the latest living trends. The stoves by Patricia Urquiola and Michael Geldmacher and the fireplace cladding designed by Paola Navone were highly appreciated by the press and by those who attended the event, as they combine sustainability with the beauty of a design item.

Commitment to the environment is part of the company’s DNA; its business is based on innovative, energy efficient projects and on renewable sources. MCZ Group decided to dedicate the second part of the convention, held on Monday 1 April, to the broad theme of sustainability, with the participation, among others, of neurobiologist Stefano Mancuso, an outstanding scientific populariser who offers a new perspective on nature.