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MCZ: Preview News 2021

Posted in Heating, MCZ on Monday, 17 May 2021

Tags: heating | MCZ | pellet | stove

MCZ presents a preview of two pellet stoves: Pad and Hera, certified Ecodesign 2022 and characterized by an essential design with curved lines.

Pad can heat an entire house from 150 to 220 m2: it can in fact be inserted into the existing heating system by heating the water for the radiators or for the underfloor system. Thanks to its excellent performance in terms of efficiency and emissions, it has already obtained the strict Italian 5-star ariaPULITA™ environmental certification.

Hera is placed in smaller rooms or in well insulated houses, heating the room in which it is installed. Silent operation is guaranteed by the possibility of totally excluding ventilation. The hot air comes out of the top and the slits on the sides, in order to ensure a clean and essential design on the front.